Association de la construction du Québec

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About Us


The Association de la construction du Québec (ACQ) is the industry’s biggest employers group, representing about 17,000 contractors in the institutional-commercial and industrial (IC/I) sector. It is also involved in the residential sector through its ACQ Résidentiel.

The ACQ aims to defend contractors’ interests in the negotiation of collective agreements and to provide an array of products and services through voluntary membership.

Our Mission

To support the growth of construction companies by developing innovative management tools and by providing networking, training and market development activities.

To promote new practices in construction, occupational health & safety, technological innovation and sustainable construction.

To serve as management bargaining agent, representing employers operating in the institutional-commercial and industrial (IC/I) sectors.

To defend the interests of construction contractors with government and socio-economic authorities in Québec and Canada-wide.

Our Values

The ACQ’s values guide its everyday activities. All ACQ employees pledge to adopt best business practices at all times in accordance with current laws, standards and codes, in keeping with company values.



The ACQ has formally pledged to implement processes that encourage transparency and integrity in everyday activities. This initiative forms part of a key ACQ goal: raising overall awareness to promote the growth of sound business practices and healthy competition.

The Association de la construction du Québec is:


    The biggest employers group in the construction industry for the institutional/commercial, industrial and residential sectors. The ACQ totals nearly 20,000 employers who represent 60% of the hours declared in the industry.


    Products and services meeting the needs of all institutional/commercial, industrial and residential contractors.


    General and trade contractors, suppliers and partners form the ACQ member network.


    Through its 10 regional associations, an organization well established in more than 17 cities across Québec.


    Who administers guarantee plans that cover more than 60% of residential units covered by a private guarantee plan and which offer an average of 8 inspections per building.


    Labour relations and occupational health & safety advisors, as well as lawyers, provide customized guidance.

Boards of Directors


Members of the Board of Directors

  • Chair

    Jean-François Arbour

    Groupe SCV inc.

  • Past Chair

    Francis Roy

    Humaco Acoustique

  • Senior Vice-Chair and Vice-Chair, IC/I

    Éric Fraser

    Les Électriciens Desjardins

  • Vice-Chair, Residentiel

    Gilbert Boulanger

    Redis Canada inc.

  • Vice-Chair, Regions

    Guy Poirier

    Maçonnerie Desrosiers de l’Estrie inc.

  • Vice-Chair, Finance

    Thomas Smeesters

    Construction Tomico inc.

Directors And Observers




Bas-Saint-Laurent · Gaspésie · Les Îles

Simon Deland  (Chair of the regional ACQ)
Camec (Mécanique de bâtiment) inc.

Geoffrey Deschênes 
Plomberie Robert Deschênes inc.

Guy Gagné 
Cible Estimation

Karine Jean 
Plomberie St-Pie-X inc. – Gicleurs de l’Est

Eastern Townships

Steve Côté  (Chair of the regional ACQ)
S.C.E. Électrique inc.

Steven Chabot 
Construction Longer inc.

Martin Laurendeau 
Comco Entrepreneurs en bâtiment

Lucie Lauzon
Construction Gératek ltée

Stéphane Reynolds
Cain Lamarre s.e.n.c.r.l.

Laval · The Laurentians

Simon Levasseur (Chair of the regional ACQ)
Maçonnerie SDL inc. & Anjalec Construction

Patrick Quenneville
Cométal Montréal inc.

Claude Braultr 
MP2B inc.

Luc Bellemare 
GBV Avocats

Sébastien Harvey
Desjardins Entreprises

Mauricie · Bois-Francs · Lanaudière · Central Quebec

Véronique Doyon (Chair of the regional ACQ)
J.P. Doyon ltée

Gaétan Gingras
A Plus Construction inc.

Henri-Paul Côté
Construction Sipro inc.

Sébastien Delisle 
S.D. Énergie inc.

Mélissa Marion 
Ascenseurs Lumar inc.


Luc Simard (Chair of the regional ACQ)
Construction SIMDEV inc.

Patricia Jean 
Construction Albert Jean ltée

Claude Rivard 
Service de Réfrigération R&S inc.

Roberto Bruzzese 
Moruzzi ltée

Michel Lafontaine
Cie Électrique Britton ltée


Luc St-Cyr  (Chair of the regional ACQ)
St-Cyr le peintre

Renaud Bertrand-Thouin 
Construction S.R.B. scc

Simon Labrecque 
Air Ambiant

Julie Duchesne
Construction Richelieu inc.

David Lussier 
Groupe Bellus Construction

Northeastern Quebec

Jean-Pascal Santerre (Chair of the regional ACQ)
Industries M. Santerre ltée

Daniel Putti
Pro-Flex Côte-Nord

Gabriel Bossé 
Entreprises G&M Laplante ltée

Outaouais · Abitibi · Northwestern Quebec

Shawn Côté  (Chair of the regional ACQ)
Décor Pink

Stéphane Poulin 
VCC Entrepreneur Général inc.

Denis René
Groupe Promec inc.

Alexander Hutton 
Gestion DMJ Management

Jacqueline Frenette 
Vitrerie P. Latreille inc.

Quebec City

Pierre Blouin  (Chair of the regional ACQ)
Construction Pierre Blouin inc.

Réjean Rondeau 
Construction Dinamo inc.

Guy Leblanc 
Leblanc Brique et Pierre inc.

Nelson Bouffard
Manugypse inc.

Mario Boucher 
Groupe Symaco inc.

Saguenay · Lac-Saint-Jean

Keiven Tremblay  (Chair of the regional ACQ)
Groupe PGS 2009 inc.

Alexandre Boudreault 
Éloi Boudreault Construction inc.

Jean-Pierre Gagné 

Pascal Nadeau 
Les Constructions Méthodex inc.

ACQ Résidentiel Board of Directors

For more than 25 years, the ACQ Résidentiel have provided guarantee products for residential buildings not covered by the compulsory guarantee plan and on residential renovation projects. Whether for high-rise buildings, rental buildings, conversions or renovation projects, we provide guarantee plans to meet your expectations along with personalized follow-up service.

Members of the Board of Directors

The ACQ Résidentiel Board of Directors consists of 10 experienced directors specializing in various fields such as construction, finance and legal affairs. It is chaired by Chantal Godard, who is assisted by David Martellino, Managing Director in charge of the management of operations of the ACQ Résidentiel.

  • Chair and Director

    Chantal Godard

  • Director

    Gilbert Boulanger

  • Director

    Claude Godbout

  • Director

    Poste à combler

  • Director

    Marc-André Roy

  • Director

    Sarto Blouin

  • Director

    Ted Harman

  • Director

    Jean-Louis Dubé

  • Director

    Sylvianne Chaput

  • Director

    Me. Ariane Charbonneau

  • Managing Director

    David Martellino