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Plans Room - Module C

Easily find thousands of opportunities through our virtual plan room

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The integrated tool for bidding on your construction projects

Our virtual plan room is a secure, user-friendly cloud solution that lets you view thousands of public and private tenders easily while facilitating your management activities with your partners

A secure cloud solution that requires no software installation!

  • Manage all your tasks in a single place to simplify project follow-up
  • Save valuable time using an intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Centralize your documents in a single place
  • Consult your project anywhere, at any time, on your smartphone or tablet

A tool for everyone

General contractors

General Contractors

Publish your projects quickly on a secure platform, and invite your contractors to bid.

Trade contractors

Trade Contractors

Download specifications free of charge and order only the pages that interest you.

Professionals and suppliers

Professionals and Suppliers

Receive your addendum notices instantly and raise your visibility among general contractors.

Project Directory

The Project Directory is a plan room specially designed to give contractors and suppliers access to one of Québec’s biggest project tendering banks.

Easily find thousands of business opportunities and save valuable time.

General contractors, trade contractors and suppliers:

  • Consult more than 3,500 public projects annually
  • Download specifications free of charge (+ plans and addenda)
  • View plans free of charge before ordering them
  • Order only the plan pages that interest you
  • Create automated alerts covering the projects that interest you

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Invitation Management

Invitation Management is a secure centralized platform that enables general contractors to create, send out and manage their invitations to tender by providing access to plans, specifications and addenda only to selected contractors.

Save time by simplifying management of your invitations to tender

General contractors:

  • Distribute your documents to all your partners on a secure platform
  • Benefit from unlimited data storage capacity for your projects
  • No user fees for any partners invited to bid
  • Manage your collaborators’ answers efficiently using the built-in tools
  • Increase the viability of your private projects and display them to 6,918 ACQ members

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  • Module C offers many advantages compared to these competing platforms in terms of ease and user-friendliness for all user types and also in terms of access management and security of your information. Module C also makes it possible to centralize all your documents from your project’s bidding phase to its construction phase, with no storage limits. In addition, management of interactions with your partners through Module C leaves you free to consult and collaborate from anywhere, at any time of day or night, allowing you to perform other tasks at the same time and to be more productive.

  • Yes, they need to create an access on Module C to have access to your bidding documents. This is completely free of charge! Once the tender invitation e-mail on your project is sent to your partner, there will be a link in the e-mail to be followed by your partner for Module C online registration. An activation e-mail will be sent once registration is completed, enabling your partner to validate access by selecting a password and secret question, quickly and efficiently.

  • No, there is no limitation on storage either in space or time, facilitating management of your projects as regards archiving and filing of documents. You benefit from unlimited data storage capacity for all your projects. In addition, archived projects in your Module C space remain confidential and easy to consult in case of need.

  • Of course, there is a technical assistance line where you can ask any questions: 1-855-ModuleC (1-855-663-8532). We also have specialists who can, as required, help you implement Module C in your company.

Do you need technical support?

1-855-ModuleC (663-8532)
Monday to Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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