Association de la construction du Québec

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Legal Services

Depend on our experts in construction law to keep a close watch on laws, jurisprudence and new regulations affecting the construction industry. Various documents, guides and briefs are available and cover a range of legal news topics.

The Legal and Government Affairs division encompasses three departments: Litigation, Advisory Services and Government Representation. In addition to contributing actively to major industry matters, it makes continuous representations to the Secrétariat du Conseil du trésor (treasury board secretariat), Revenu Québec, the Régie du bâtiment du Québec (Québec building board) and Public Services and Procurement Canada as well as to various other public bodies and to public and private work providers.

  • Advisory Services

    Exclusive to ACQ Members
    Are you looking for legal advice on construction law, the BSDQ, civil law, business law or new laws coming into force? Whatever question you may have, we can help you get the answer. Take advantage of our expertise and of our partner law firms to get expert advice from our lawyers.

  • Litigation department

    Benefit free of charge from the services of a lawyer specializing in health & safety or in labour relations. Whether for ticketed offences, grievances, wage claims filed by the CCQ or work-accident cases, our specialized lawyers will represent you before the various jurisdictional authorities. They will examine the legitimacy of these procedures to mitigate possible impacts on your business.

  • Government representation

    Exclusive to ACQ members
    Our team provides diligent monitoring of legislative and regulatory matters and issues numerous briefs to governments on any bill or regulation that may affect the industry directly or indirectly. It intervenes regularly with public bodies and work providers to encourage competition and the development of public contracts.

  • Training – Legal Aspects

    The construction industry is highly regulated. Calls for tenders, contracts and complex legal procedures are part of the everyday lives of contractors. Fortunately, the ACQ offers training programs to demystify these legal aspects.

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