Association de la construction du Québec

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Key issues

To promote new practices in labour relations, health & safety, technological innovations and sustainable development, we work with experts from various sectors to improve, optimize and develop the construction industry. The ACQ participates in dialogues on major issues and is proud to actively contribute to the advancement of these matters.

Integration and retention of women on construction sites

The integration of women in the construction industry is a challenge that the Association de la construction du Québec is proud to be able to make a significant contribution to. Discover our equal-access program for women.

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Coalition against payment delays in the construction industry

Payment delays in the industry are a scourge that undermines the financial health of many businesses. Depending on the length of delays and the number of projects they are working on simultaneously, those who suffer the negative consequences of this situation can be pushed to bankruptcy. The ACQ is proud to be part of a coalition of various contractor groups promoting the adoption of a law on the prompt payment of contractors in the construction industry.

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Collective action for integrity in the industry

The collective action proposed by the ACQ aims to ensure construction companies are equipped with a concrete integrity program. This approach is at the heart of the ACQ’s sustainable development activities. By signing on to this program, contractors can affirm their integrity and showcase the values on which they pride themselves to gain the trust of their partners, suppliers and the general public.

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Striving for perfection on the worksite – an industry initiative

The success of a project lies in constant monitoring of costs and work quality, all the way to delivery.

The ACQ offers more than 350 recommendations for better planning and increased productivity.

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