Association de la construction du Québec

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Striving for Perfection on the Worksite

The Association de la construction du Québec has formally committed to implementing processes that encourage transparency and integrity in the management of construction companies.

An industry-wide initiative aimed at harmonizing relations among the various stakeholders and improving management of construction projects.

From pre-design to delivery, all stakeholders (prime contractors, architects, engineers, general contractors, trade contractors) must establish an effective communications network to avoid pitfalls in moving a construction project forward.

At the design stage, team members must take the following into consideration: the client’s needs, costs, the work schedule, and the plans and specifications. Subsequently, all aspects relating to the contracts, e.g., the structure of the documents, selection of contractors, forms, and everyone’s respective roles, are subject to painstaking analysis.

Lastly, success on the job site depends on constant control of the costs and the quality of the work, throughout its performance, right up to the moment of delivery.

A thorough, in-depth reflection resulting in 354 recommendations

  • Pre-design and Design

    • Scope of project: needs, costs and work schedule
    • Selection of project delivery method and contract type
    • Budget
    • Financing
    • Site surveys and existing conditions
    • Comprehensive plans and specifications
    • Substitute products and alternative solutions
  • Contracts

    • Structure of the documents
    • The BSDQ and concordance with the sections of the specifications
    • Selection of contractors according to their competence
    • Construction contract forms
    • Role of the consultants
  • Performance and Delivery

    • Work schedule
    • Payments and payment schedules
    • Approval and payment of changes
    • Cost overruns and cost control
    • Work quality
    • Deficiency lists and corrections
    • Delivery of the work
    • Communications